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Hawale Hub API / Whitelabel

Hawale Hub API

Our Endpoints are:

Development Environment:

Production environment:

Our API documentation can be found at:


Please keep in mind that the endpoints and the documentation will only be visible for IP addresses allowed in our whitelist.

If your system is developed in .NET with C#, you can use our prepared C# API Client from github: https://github.com/VKSMoneyTransferLTD/C-API-Client

The accounts for both staging and production can only be created for whitelisted IP addresses.

Our technical support will be available on all working days Monday-Friday 10:00 – 17:00 on skype admin@xl-supply.com

Please provide the IP Adresses to be whitelisted to get your accounts created.


Make the best of your remittance business.

By using the Hawale Hub,  you will get acces to worldwide money transfer facilities. Have your logo uploaded, and start sending money.

Please contact us for more info.

If you have allready decided to assign for Hawale Hub, please filled out the form, attach the requested documents and email it to info@vksonline.com

v.a. €4,50 wereldwijd geld versturen

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