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Hawale Hub / Whitelabel

Hawale Hub, Turnkey Money Transfer System

-Gateway to 130+ countries
-Send to 350.000 locations worldwide
-AML/KYC settings for any country
-Markup option for FX transactions
-Receive transactions from 350.000 locations
-Compliance support
-Extra services: e-commerce/ card services/ flight tickets/mobile topup

What is Hawale HUB?

Hawale HUB is the ultimate money transfer system to make the most of remittance business.

During the last 5 years the system has been developed by a Dutch IT team. The main goal of the project is to offer a turnkey solution for those who want to focus theirselves on their business. As the financial regulations are continuously in move, it’s very hard to meet the requirements. Hawale HUB supported by different compliance teams in different countries is always up to date.

Hawale HUB is not just a system, it’s a HUB which is in connection with many major money transfer companies in the world. The system offers directly connection to 350.000+ realtime payout locations. Besides, as a Hawale HUB user, you will directly join the network for ‘receiving’ transactions as well.

As a bank, or a multi agent store chain, you will be able to define your business plan in the system for agents.

are you in the need for applying for a money transfer, or electronic money license, please send u an email with you needs, in order to give you quotation.

Who can use Hawale HUB?

Payment institutions, Banks, money transfer agents, travel agencies* (travel agencies without licenses could operate under the Hawale license in European countries)

If you are interested in Hawale HUB, please fill out the contact form.

Sending money worldwide from €4.50

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