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Sending money

Sending money via Hawale agent

Sending money via Hawale is very simple. We have over 300 agencies you can go to in the Netherlands. This means there is always an agency near you. You can find an explanation about how to send money via Hawale below.

1. Find a Hawale agent in your area.

You can easily look for a Hawale agent near you via the website.

2. Collect the necessary information

If you want to send money via Hawale, there are a few things you need. You must bring your ID. This can be a passport, an identity card or a national driving licence. You also need the details of the recipient. You must provide the location of the recipient and need the name of the recipient as it is indicated on the ID of the recipient. Of course, you need to bring the amount you want to send and an amount to pay the transaction fee.

3. Performing the transaction

When you are at the Hawale location, you can complete a form with the agent in order to initiate the transfer. You provide the agent with the completed form, the amount of money you want to send and the amount of money for the transaction fee. The transaction can now be performed.

4. Informing the recipient

You will receive a receipt from the agent that contains the reference number of the transaction. The recipient needs this number in order to collect the money. You must take care of providing this number to the recipient.

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